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Why Have I Made a Personal Website?

Let's be honest: Having a personal website is pretty unusual. Celebrities rarely have a website with their personal domain, and if they do it will managed by a full marketing team. Professionals may have a website that focuses on them and perhaps their personal brand is their business, so they won't be posting about how much they love to paint their nails or take photos of trees.

Well this is my personal website, so I'm going to use it for whatever I want. Here are just some of the thoughts that encouraged me to build it.

My personal domain was available

We've all Googled our name to see what comes up. One day, I decided to Google out of curiosity, and a helpful domain holder said it was available for purchase.

I thought it seemed like a pretty cool thing to own for future use (and a colleague threatened to buy it just to prevent me having it) so I went for it.

I like building websites

I lead a project for mmob that involved designing (with the help of our brilliant designer, Mary), writing copy for, and building a new and improved website, and I absolutely loved it. I try and flex my creativity when I can, and I learned so many new things including some (very basic) code. I'm no expert, but building a website just for me seemed like another fun project to undertake that I have full control over. Hope you like the finished product!

I do a lot of things

I have always been a busy person, with extra-curricular activities across sport, music and academia both inside and outside school followed by a full plate of responsibilities in multiple societies at uni, with some part-time jobs thrown in for good measure.

I spend my time in lots of different areas, and a colleague of mine said I should shout about those achievements more. The conversation went something like this: "You're a national champion in Pom?! Why haven't you posted that on LinkedIn? That's far cooler than most things on there."

While I won't be spamming social media with everything I do (I think my Instagram followers get enough of that already), this is a place to display all the things I love, whether I'm good at them or not. Part CV and part social media, this is my website for all sorts of projects to appear on.

I'm building my personal brand

Personal brands are very visible, whether you're consciously building one or not. I have some lofty aspirations which may involve some publicity, so I want to start now. I don't want to put out one side of me, but show my personality for all its quirks and interests, and this website is how I plan to do it.

Stay tuned!

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